The Networks Project in general is all about bringing the many groups that make up TES UK together. It's the hub through which our network communicates. Online it composes a forum space for members to communicate, but in practice it encompasses two separate TES UK activities. The first is the ongoing management of our partnerships with the Erasmus Student Network UK, the Young European Movement and Youth for Europe. This work is mostly carried out by our Networks Director. The second activity is our Twinning program.

The European Society UK network is continuously growing - new member societies are always welcome! New members can be both established, long-standing societies, or brand new fledgling societies. If your society is Europe-related and at a UK institution, we'd love to hear from you. Please do Get in Contact.

Our Twinning program is the Project for supporting and integrating new member societies. Every new society is twinned with a (geographically) nearby existing member society who offer support on everything from setting up events, building a membership base and taking full advantage of their TES UK membership! To figure out which societies you could twin with were you to join The European Society UK check out our Member Societies page.