NGO Platform

The European Society UK works with an extensive network of charities and non-governmental-organisations to deliver a variety of opportunities for our members. These include collaborating on new projects with like-minded NGOs, and chances to volunteer across Europe, as well as linking students hoping to work in the third sector to possible employers (see our Careers Platform for more).

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Below is a list of NGOs with which TES UK collaborates.

NGOs with which TES UK collaborates on Projects



MyLifeMySay are a UK charity whose aim is to increase youth participation in politics. The European Society UK collaborate with MLMS on their Café Europe Project. Click here to see more.

Organisations offering international volunteering


European Voluntary Service (EVS)

EVS helps young people travel abroad to participate in volunteering projects. As an EVS volunteer, you commit yourself to the work of an organisation abroad. Volunteering projects can involve many different kinds of activities in areas such as youth work, cultural activities, social care or environmental protection. Check out this opportunity here. 


TEAMGlobal are a UK based NGO promoting understanding and discussion of world affairs in young people. The European Society UK hopes to collaborate with TEAMGlobal on our Europe at School Project in the near future.

International Voluntary Service (IVS)

The International Voluntary Service (known internationally as SCI) is a peace organisation, that coordinates an extensive network of volunteering opportunities across Europe and the world. Check out their database of projects by clicking above.