Explore Europe

The European Society UK offers a great variety of opportunities for members both to travel and explore Europe and to work with TESUK on its projects in the UK.

Fully Funded Trips:

Explore the EU:
Every year The European Society UK offers the chance for around 30 members to learn about workings of the European Union up close and personal in Brussels, the home of the European Parliament and the European Commission. Unprecedented access to the headquarters of the Commission and workshops run by some of Europe's top brass give participants the best possible introductions to the inner workings of our Union. Not to be missed by anyone interested in European Politics!

The European Society UK – Annual Autumn Conference:
Representatives from every member society are invited to attend TESUK's annual conference across a weekend in early autumn, with sessions from top European and UK politicians, workshops on current projects and discussion and development of new projects. The next annual plan for TESUK is established and elections for a variety of positions take place.

Partially Funded Trips:

Every year TESUK offers an all-inclusive trip to a European capital (in 2017 this will likely be Paris!). The price of the trip varies year on year depending on the destination, duration and the number of members taking part. The trip usually takes place around Easter time.

Non-Funded Trips (basically mass holidays):

These excursions are usually very laissez faire affairs whereby a number of member societies travel to various European destinations as a group to explore together – Basically just friendly mass holidays! Although there is certainly nothing preventing members from staging more regular such excursions(!), TESUK usually organises one per year around the turn of the year (New Years).