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Events Program

Every member society of The European Society UK holds regular events at their universities. Many of these are unique to those societies (check out our members' websites and social media for more info on these), but TESUK also provides a framework of themed events held nationwide by all our member societies simultaneously! Some of these events celebrate European Culture, while others address political hot-topics, or are simply en masse social events. One of the largest nationwide events in TESUK's calendar is our 'Educate Europe' weekend, again hosted nationwide by all our member societies simultaneously. Educate Europe aims to introduce students to the European Union and offer a basic understanding of how the Union functions, its institutions, its recent history and its possible future, all in an engaging but informative fashion. This year Educate Europe will be held across the weekend of 21st-22nd January 2017.

Please see The European Society's Calendar for full details of all the events offered by TESUK and its member societies.

Cultural Celebrations

These events have themes as diverse as European Food all the way to obscure National Dress - Our societies have done them all! Not-to-be-missed events include our Eurovision and Europe Day celebrations every year. Check out our Calendar or your local Society's website to find details of the next evening of entertainment coming up in your area!

National Cultural Program

18th November 2016 - The European Pub Quiz

11th March 2017 - European Food

9th May 2017 - Europe Day Celebration

13th May 2017 - Eurovision Celebration

Political and Current Affairs Events

European Affairs is one of the most active and engaging political forums in the UK right now, and many of TESUK's societies are leading the way in bringing discussion within this forum to young people across the UK. Be it debating the future of the UK's relationship with the European Union, discussing cross-border solutions to climate change or hearing expert opinion from leading academics on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, we've hosted them all. If you have any interest in European Politics whatsoever why not take a look on our Member Societies' websites and go along to their next event?

National Political Program

8th October 2016 - Post-Brexit Britain: Negotiating the UK’s place in Europe

11th February 2017 - Theme TBC

29th April 2017 - Theme TBC

Educate Europe



NOTE: TESUK Member Societies typically offer many more events than are listed here. These are just those which are recommened under TESUK's Events Program - Check out Member Societies' websites for more info on other events they might be holding!