Europe at School

Europe at School is The European Society's schools outreach program and is one of our largest and most important Projects. Under TES UK's support and guidance, each of our member societies has developed – and continues to grow – a network of schools in their local areas, each of which is visited every year by trained volunteers from the member society who deliver a variety of sessions on everything from 'The Continent of Europe and European Culture' to 'So what is the EU, anyway?' and many others. Partner schools are encouraged to work with TES UK and local member societies to put in a place a comprehensive curriculum whereby every pupil at the school is involved in at least one session educating the pupil on all things 'Europe'.

Are you a pupil at a UK school looking to learn more about Europe and the European Union? Well you've come to the right place - Discover Europe here! If you have any further questions about Europe, the European Union or The European Society UK, please do get in contact.

Are you a teacher at a UK school interested in inviting our volunteers to deliver lessons on any of these subjects? If so, we'd love to hear from you! See our Get in Contact page to see how. While trained volunteers from TESUK's member societies usually deliver our sessions, the overall aim of the Project is simply to ensure all young people in the UK have a basic understanding of what the UK's relationship with the rest of our continent is in the 21st century. With this in mind, we also encourage schools to use our resources to deliver sessions themselves, if they prefer. If you would like to use any of TESUK's teaching resources please contact our Europe at School Project Director directly.

As an example of the type of session TESUK delivers – or to try out in your own classroom – below are some Example Lesson Plans.

"Crisis at the European Council" - Introducing pupils to the institutions of the European Union, the challenges they can face and how they work together to solve problems and benefit EU members. Below are the resources required to run this session. The session is structured in such a way that it can easily be adapted from the full 120 minute version (set out fully in these documents) down to either 45, 60 or 90 long sessions by simply removing 'Activity 1', 'Activity 2' or 'Activity 3' from the session.

Crisis at the European Council - Lesson Plan (word)

Introduction to the European Institutions (powerpoint)

Crisis at the European Council - Refugee Crisis Introduction (powerpoint)

European Union Quiz (word)