The Constitution of The European Society UK

1. Definition, aim, and activitiesEurope at School

  1. The European Society UK is a platform to engage young people with topics around Europe and the European Union.
  2. The aim of The European Society UK is to facilitate cooperation between youth – especially university based – organisations in the United Kingdom whose activities are related to Europe and the European Union.
  3. To achieve this, The European Society UK shall:
    1. Assist member organisations in planning and hosting events, reaching out to new audiences, and sharing best practice. Help in the creation of new organisations seeking the same goals both nationally and transnationally and their twinning with the UK;
    2. Facilitate the establishment of new youth organisations whose activities are related to Europe and the European Union;
    3. Promote debate and discussion to inform the wider public on issues and topics pertaining to Europe and the European Union, without any political stance or bias.
    4. Organise an Annual Conference, as per point 3 of the present Constitution.
    5. In order to facilitate the creation of The European Society UK, and to ensure its longevity, the Ambassadors of the member societies agree to:
      • Appoint a Summer Steering Committee for the summer of 2016, which will be responsible for the development and management of The European Society UK for the duration of the year 2016;
      • This Steering Committee will follow a roadmap developed and approved by all Ambassadors of the member societies. It shall report regularly to these representatives, to whom it is accountable.


2. Membership and Structure

  1. The European Society UK shall consist of all youth organisations willing to participate and share the aims set out in the present constitution;
  2. Each member organisation will appoint one “Ambassador” among their members, who will be responsible for liaison between the European Society UK and the member organisation;
  3. The Ambassadors will meet in person at least once annually.


3. Annual Conference

  1. The European Society UK shall organise an Annual Conference every year, starting in 2016;
  2. The Conference will be hosted by a different member organisation each year. The host organisation will be responsible for the logistics of the Conference, with help and possible financial support from the European Commission via the London Representation;
  3. The Conference will provide an opportunity for the Ambassadors to meet in person, but also for The European Society UK to reach out to the wider public and raise its profile. As such, the Conference will consist of two parts: a closed-doors half, attended by member organisations only, and an open half, which may include speaker events, workshops, and other such activities open to all.


4. Constitutional matters

  1. The present Constitution was drafted following the European Society UK’s founding conference, held in Manchester in February 2016. It was then amended following the subsequent conference in Brussels in April 2016. It will formally enter into force following approval by the Ambassadors at the 2016 Annual Conference;
  2. Any partial or total amendment to this Constitution will have to be approved by unanimity of its member organizations.