What is The European Society UK?

The European Society UK (TES UK) is a UK-wide network of university societies. Each member society is in some way related to Europe: from European Law societies to Erasmus+ societies, all are welcome! The aim of The European Society UK is to introduce young people to Europe, European Culture and European Ideals, engage young people in European Affairs, and inform them about the European Project and the European Union.

The European Society UK is a non-political organisation. It exists only to promote youth engagement in all things Europe. It was founded in 2015 in response to growing concerns for the links between Euroscepticism and a lack of understanding of Europe. 

TES UK acts as a platform for member societies from universities across the UK to collaborate on a series of ongoing Projects, for example the Europe at School Project in which volunteers from member societies deliver sessions on Europe and the EU to local school children, or the Events Platform which hosts a series of nationwide cultural and political events held by TES UK's member societies.